How do I use Dell's PowerScale OneFS (formerly Isilon) with Wasabi?

Dell PowerScale OneFS Isilon is validated for use with Wasabi. To use this product with Wasabi, you should leverage the Isilon CloudPools software to provides policy-based automated tiering that lets you seamlessly integrate with Wasabi as an additional storage tier for the Isilon cluster. To utilize OneFS with Wasabi, please follow the instructions below. 



  • Be sure your OneFS's external network is publicly routable
  • Select the appropriate URL depending on your Region  


  • Minimum OneFS/Isilon release 8.0. and above. Please check with your Dell representative on recommended release for CloudPools.


1. Once you login to OneFS Isilon cluster, click on "File System -> Storage Pools"

2. Click on "Create a Cloud Storage Account"

  • Provide a name or alias - used within the Isilon Cluster
  • choose "Type" to be "Dell EMC ECS Appliance"
  • URI set to "" for us-east-1 or following URLs for different regions
  • Set your Wasabi's Access key as your username
  • Set your Wasabi's Secret key as your Key(Password)
  • Leave default value for Proxy
  • Be sure to click "Skip SSL certificate validation"
  • Click "Connect Account"


3. Create a "File Policy"

  • Provide a policy name - Wasabi
  • Create a file matching criteria, in the example below - the criteria is applied to folder structure which contains IsilonTest - essentially any file uploaded to IsilonTest folder will be  moved to the Cloud Tier
  • Scroll all the way the bottom of the File policy screen and choose "Move to cloud storage" and set the value to "wasabi"
  • Optionally you can choose to encrypt or compress the data before transfer - please refer to your Isilon guide to assess information about these features. 
  • Click on "Create Policy"


4. In order to manually invoke a data transfer to the Cloud Tier

  • Navigate to "Cluster Management -> Job Operations" 

  • Click on "Job Types" 

  • Scroll down to "Smart Pools" and click on "Start Job" to manually invoke an upload to Wasabi

Note: Isilon default configuration runs the smart pools job every day at 10PM as shown below

Below are two methods to confirm Isilon data been uploaded to Wasabi:

A. From Wasabi Console, Isilon creates two buckets, bucket for metadata and second bucket for data, bucket which starts with name "d" contains the data and bucket with starts with name "m" contains metadata 

Metadata bucket :

Data bucket: 

Contents from the "Data bucket"


B. From the Isilon command line:"isi get -DD /ifs/IsilonTest/<filename> | more",

Expected Output:

If the value is set to "True" in "SmartLinked" - the data has been stubbed and uploaded to Wasabi. 

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