How do I use BunnyCDN with Wasabi?


BunnyCDN is validated for use with Wasabi's cloud storage service to provide a solution to speed up file delivery for your Wasabi storage buckets. 

Follow these 5 quick steps below to use BunnyCDN with your Wasabi storage account.

1. Assuming you have already created a bucket with a file in it on Wasabi's cloud, navigate to the bucket on the Wasabi console and retrieve the public URL. If you need help making the bucket public, refer to the Knowledge Base article - How Can I Make a Bucket Public (For trial account users refer to this link).

2. In order to retrieve the public URL, click on the file in the list, which will display file properties on the right side of the screen. 

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 11.43.38 AM.png

3. Click on the 'copy URL' icon as shown below to copy the URL on your clipboard. You will just need the portion of the URL excluding the filename. For example from the above image, we just need ''

If your buckets are located in a different region other than us-east-1, the service URL will be different, see here.



4. Next, sign in to your BunnyCDN dashboard and open the Add Pull Zone page. First, select a name for your zone (example - mywasabizone), this will also double as the hostname for your zone and then paste the copied URL part from step 2 into the Origin URL field, for example:

Finally, select the pricing tiers and click on the Add Pull Zone button which will add a new Pull Zone configured with your Wasabi S3 bucket.

5. BunnyCDN will automatically pull and cache files from your S3 bucket and deliver them from your newly created hostname. After the server configuration finishes syncing, you can now test if BunnyCDN is correctly integrated with your Wasabi S3 bucket.

Visit your newly created pull zone hostname and append one of the uploaded files as the URL, for example in our case:

If everything was correctly set up, you should now see your uploaded file retrieved by BunnyCDN. 

A similar knowledge base article is also available on BunnyCDN's website at this link.

BunnyCDN also added an S3 authentication to the security options of the pull zones.

This feature is also compatible with the Wasabi.

To enable it, log into your BunnyCDN account, click on the Pull Zones in the left of the screen and click on your Wasabi pull zone.

Go to the Security tab of that Pull zone, scroll down to Enable AWS S3 Authentication, enable it, and type in your Wasabi Access and Secret keys.

In the AWS Region Name field you should write the region of the bucket you use for that Pull Zone:

us-east-1 or whatever Wasabi region you are using; see this list.



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