How do I use CloudBacko with Wasabi?

Wasabi is now validated for use with CloudBacko, a data backup software that can be used to provide a cloud backup destination. Follow the simple steps below to configure your CloudBacko software to backup your data in your Wasabi storage bucket.  This video from CloudBacko may also be helpful. 

1. Start the CloudBacko client on your Windows/Mac. 

2. If you do not have an existing 'Backup Set', create a new one by clicking on 'Backup Sets'.


3. Click on 'Add a new backup set'


4. Name your Backup Set and select Backup set type (for example, File Backup) and hit Next.

5. Select the files and folders you would like to backup, and then hit Next

6. You can also configure scheduled backups

7. On this screen, add a new storage destination which will be the Wasabi bucket.

8. Enter the information as shown below using your access and secret keys, and appropriate bucket name. For the correct Wasabi region service URLs click here. You can also 'Test' the connection before hitting OK to confirm the configuration settings are correct.

9. Once the test is completed successfully you can set the remaining options as your own preference.

At this point CloudBacko is configured successfully to send your data backups to your Wasabi bucket.



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