How do I use Atavium with Wasabi?

Atavium is a data storage solution with integrated user-defined insights & automation, giving organizations unparalleled control over their assets. The Atavium Storage system has been validated for use with Wasabi. Combined with an Atavium Data Placement Policy, data storage administrators can tier data directly from Atavium to Wasabi for storage in the cloud. To use this product with Wasabi, please follow the instructions below. 

1. Create a new Cloud Connection

The first step is to create a new Cloud Stor connection on the Atavium. This connection provides the details and credentials that the Atavium will use to connect to a cloud service.


If the Atavium is licensed for Cloud tiering, the option to “Configure Cloud” will appear on the main dashboard as part of the Storage Summary. 

If a cloud has already been configured an orange plus symbol will appear next to the cloud usage bar, use this button and select “Add” then “Create” to bring up the dialogue to create a new Cloud Connection.


A dialogue box will pop up to configure the network connection and authentication to the S3 compatible endpoint. The example below will use the East endpoint from Wasabi.


Connection name of the user’s choosing


Select “Private” to ender in custom connection details


The hostname provided by Wasabi for the region connecting too, this example is for the East end-points

Access Key

User’s Access Key

Secret Key

User’s Secret Key


The corresponding region code to the endpoint from the Wasabi documentation


Be sure to select HTTPS to use secure connection to the Wasabi cloud.

To configure an alternate region’s endpoint, use the hostname for the service URL and region values provided here:  

2. The next step will prompt for the name of the bucket to use with the Cloud Connection. The bucket name may be of an existing bucket or a new bucket for the Atavium to create. We recommend creating the bucket ahead of time to control the settings prior to establishing the Cloud Connection.


3.  Last, enter a name for the Cloud Stor to be displayed as on the Atavium and the size to allocate to this stor. The size can be increased at any time and is the maximum amount of data Atavium will send to the cloud.


4. The new Cloud Stor will now show up in the Storage summary. Once the Stor is associated with a Data Placement Policy data will begin to be sent to the Wasabi Cloud. For more information on configuring Data Placement Policies, consult the Atavium documentation.


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