How do I connect to Wasabi through my Internet2 membership?

The Internet2 (I2) network provides a collaborative environment where US research and education institutions can address common technology challenges and communicate with other members and vendors who participate in the I2 community.

Wasabi is proud to be a member of the I2 community with a Network Peering arrangement that allows I2 members and partners to take advantage of I2's high speed network to connect to Wasabi Hot Storage.  In order for an I2 member to connect to Wasabi services, an additional I2 service is required for that institution to subscribe to.  I2 provides a strategic connectivity platform called Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX) that provides connectivity to the public internet and peering relationships across its entity.  Wasabi is included in this service.

Please check with your I2 representative to confirm that your organization is participating in this service.


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