How do I use Cloudberry Explorer for Windows with Wasabi?

Cloudberry Explorer is certified for use with Wasabi.

Please follow the steps listed below to configure Cloudberry Explorer (Windows) with your Wasabi account.

1. Launch Cloudberry Explorer.


2. Click on File --> New S3 Compatible Account and then select Wasabi from the options, as shown below.


Note - The above method uses as the Service point, which will work if your buckets reside in US-East-1 region. Alternatively, you can select the S3 Compatible option and manually enter the Service point, as shown below. Click here for more information on the different Service URLs based on region.



3. Add a name and enter the credentials (access key and secret key). You can 'Test Connection' and if it is successful, hit OK.


4. At this point, the Wasabi account is a registered account on your Cloudberry Explorer instance. You can now select it on the Home screen to transfer between your local machine and your Wasabi buckets.



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