How do I use PixMover with Wasabi?

Pixspan's PixMover is certified for use with Wasabi. The PixMover product provides an easy and cost effective path for moving data in and out of Wasabi Cloud storage. 

PixMover is a great tool for IT managers to control access to both on-premise and Cloud storage, providing them with a consistent GUI presentation for hybrid storage models.

The following steps show how easily Wasabi access is configured and utilized with PixMover (note that the administrative user is shown already logged in):

1. Navigate to the System Admin tab and under the S3 Settings action, open the Choose Folder: drop-down and select Add New S3 Folder.

2. Configure the S3 Folder Settings for the Wasabi Bucket as shown below.

3. Notice that the Endpoint hover tip will display the correct endpoint for the various regions.

More information on the appropriate Service Endpoints can be found here.

4. Navigate to the New Job tab and drag a source file/folder (either on-prem or Cloud) and drop to a destination file/folder (either on-prem or Cloud). It's as easy as that to transfer files/folders back and forth to/from the Cloud.

5. Configure access for users using the Folder Admin tab. Choose a user from the pull-down menu, and then provide or restrict access to a given folder by selecting the radio button to the left of the folder name. Note that the folders can be expanded to allow fine grained selection of folder access restrictions. Click the Update button to make the change.


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