How do I use Veeam Backup for Office365 v4 with Wasabi?

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office365 v4 has added support to write Office365 backups to Wasabi Cloud Object storage.

Wasabi has been validated to work with Veeam Backup for Office365 (VBO).



  • Veeam Backup for Office365 v4 or higher
  • Active Microsoft office365 account
  • Active Wasabi Cloud Storage account

Table Of Contents:

  1. Download and Install Veeam Backup for Office365
  2. Add Cloud Object Storage
  3. Add Backup Repository
  4. Add Organization
  5. Create a Backup job

Download & install Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365:

Refer to the documentation provided by Veeam to download and install Veeam Backup for Office365 here.

Add Object storage repository:

1. Once the Veeam Backup application is installed. Launch "Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365".


 2. Navigate to "Backup Infrastructure", click "Object Storage Repositories", then click "Add Object Storage".


3. Input a name and description, then click "Next".


4. Choose "S3 compatible", then click "Next".


5. Provide the following and click "Next"

  • Service Point -
  • Data Center region - us-east-2
  • Account credentials
    • Click "Add" if this is the first time setting up Wasabi 
      • Copy/Paste both Access & Secret Key in respective text boxes

Note: This configuration example discusses the use of Wasabi's us-east-2 storage region. To use other Wasabi storage regions, please use the appropriate Wasabi service URL as described in our Wasabi Service URLs article.


Choose the credentials created via the drop down list:


6.  Choose a bucket, create a new folder inside the bucket, then click "Finish".

Note: Be sure to choose the bucket that aligns with the region specified in the previous step.


7. Creating Wasabi Technologies as Object Storage Repository would successfully complete


Add Backup repository to VBO:

8. Once the Veeam Backup application is installed. Launch "Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365".


9. Click "Backup Infrastructure".


10. Click "Add Repository", input a name & description for the new backup repository, then click "Next".


11. Choose your backup proxy, provide a path for your backups to be written, then click "Next".


12. In the "Object storage backup repository" configuration page, Check "Offload backup data to object storage" and choose the "Wasabi technologies" repository that was previously created, then click "Next".


13. Choose retention policy, then click "Finish".


Add Organization to Veeam backup for Office365:

14. Navigate to the "Organizations" tab, then click "Add Org".


15. Choose "Microsoft Office365". and also choose "Select the service you want to protect:", then click "Next".

Note: For this scenario, I chose to protect "Exchange Online".


16) Opt the region to be "Default" and also choose "Basic Authentication" or "Modern Authentication" and click "Next"

Note: For this scenarios, I chose "Basic authentication".


17. Input a Username & Password, and be sure to check "Grant this account required roles and permissions", then click "Next".


18. Be sure that all actions successfully complete, then click "Finish".

Note: If any of below actions fail, please contact your office365 administrator to ensure proper privileges & settings have been enabled for the account you are using for Veeam Backup.


19. Once complete, the new Organization will be added as shown below.


Creating a Backup Job

20. Right click on the newly created Organization "", and choose "Add to backup job", or click on the organization, then click "Backup". 


21. Specify a name for the backup job, then click "Next".


22. Choose "Back up entire Organization", or "Back up the following objects:", then click "Add" and choose "Organizations".

Note: I chose "Back up the following objects"


23. Choose the organization, click "Add", then click "Next".



24. Click "Next" in the "objects to exclude" page, if no objects need be excluded.


25. Choose backup proxy, and backup repository, then click "Next".


26. Choose appropriate scheduling options, then click "Create".

Note: I chose to start the backup job when i click create


27. The backup job commences.


28. Complete job details.


29. Office365 Exchange Online data on Wasabi, via the "instant copy" feature. 

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 10.46.26 AM.png

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