What are the optimal methods for a VAR to resell Wasabi?

For Wasabi VAR (Value Added Reseller) partners that wish to resell Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, it’s important to understand the best options available to sell and manage the sale.  Below is a list of attributes that defines a MSP (Managed Service Provider) vs. a VAR.  If you are an MSP, please review info pertinent information here


If you are VAR that wishes to resell Wasabi, the following guidelines apply:

  • A VAR can only sell Wasabi via the RCS (Reserved Capacity Storage) pricing model and not month-to-month  Pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • A VAR will be acting as the billing agent on behalf of the end customers, all billing related information/queries go direct (and only) to VAR
  • Each end-user is required to have a separate Wasabi account which implies each RCS package can only be sold to one end-user
  • The Wasabi cloud storage account can only be managed by the end user
  • All technical queries from the end-user will be addressed by Wasabi Support
  • Optionally a VAR may wish to leverage the Wasabi Account Management API into existing billing/provisioning software to automate the Wasabi account management

 Following Wasabi products are available for a VAR to be resold:

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