How do I use NetApp ONTAP Select with Wasabi?

NetApp's ONTAP Select is certified for use with Wasabi. ONTAP Select is the software-only version of ONTAP that is deployed as a virtual machine. ONTAP Select is a data management software that provides software-defined storage solution (SDS).


  • Active Wasabi account
  • Installed and running ONTAP Select (version 9.7 was used in our testing)
  • Fabric Pools license on ONTAP Select

Please Note: The data restoration process is handled by your specific backup software application. As there are many potential variables that will affect your unique environment, it is strongly recommended that you seek the guidance of your backup software's technical support team in the event that you encounter difficulty, or have application-specific inquiries.


Follow the steps outlined below to configure ONTAP Select with your Wasabi account.

1. Login to the ONTAP System Manager


2. Navigate to Storage -> Overview and then click on Cloud Tiering -> Manage Tiers


3. Click on 'Add Cloud Tier' and then 'Others' as shown below.


4. Enter the Wasabi information as shown in the screenshot below


Name - Can be anything (no spaces allowed)

Server Name (FQDN) - This needs to be the Wasabi Service URL corresponding to your bucket. Click here for information on Wasabi Service URLs. 

SSL - This box is checked by default.

Object store certificate - You may check this box if required.

Certificate - If Object store certificate is checked then you will need to enter the Wasabi certificate. The Wasabi certificate in .pem format is attached at the bottom of this article. You can simply copy and paste the contents in the box as shown above.

Port - 443 is default

Access ID - Enter your Wasabi account access-key

Secret Key - Enter your Wasabi account secret key

Container Name - Enter an existing bucket name from your Wasabi account.


Enter the network interface specific to the node to be used for the cloud tier.

Click OK on the confirmation/notification that pops up.

Once the Cloud Tier is successfully added you will see it displayed as shown below.


Typically the cloud tier should be associated to a Local tier. Click on the local storage tier and select the Cloud Tier in the attach as primary option as shown below.



For more information on tiering data from ONTAP clusters, please click here.


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