How do I use Dell's ClarityNow (DataIQ) with Wasabi?

Dell's ClarityNow (now DataIQ) is validated for use with Wasabi. The ClarityNow data management software enables the process of data discovery, management and movement for enterprises with large unstructured data sets located in various storage technologies, including Wasabi's object based storage.


  • Active Wasabi account
  • ClarityNow installed and running
  • The S3 scanning functionality requires installing an aws-sdk package (aws-sdk-1.11.221-0.x86_64.rpm

Below are the steps to connect ClarityNow with your Wasabi account.

1. Before you run the ClarityNow daemon, install the aws sdk package.

rpm -ivh aws-sdk-1.11.221-0.x86_64

2. Now, store your Wasabi account credentials (access-key and secret access-key) in the credentials file.

mkdir .aws
cd .aws
vi credentials

Enter your keys as shown in the example below, save and close the file.

aws_access_key_id=<******your access key*******>
aws_secret_access_key=<*****your secret-key*******>

3. Now, you can run the ClarityNow service.

systemctl start claritynow

4. We will use the GUI to add the rest of the configuration. Login to the GUI of your ClarityNow server. Click on Server, and then S3 API Endpoints as shown below.


5. Click on the plus icon as shown below.


6. Enter a Name, appropriate Endpoint URL based on your bucket region (Click here for information on all the Wasabi service URLs) and finally Credentials name (this has to match the profile name under which we stored credentials in step 2). Click Save when done.


7. Now, let's go back to the main menu and click Server, and then Volumes.


8. Click on the plus icon to add a new Volume, as shown below.


9. Select "AWS S3 (or compatible)" from the drop down selection box for FS Type. This will change the settings for Volume to reflect S3 specific configuration.


10. Enter a suitable Volume name. Select the Wasabi S3 Endpoint created from step 6 above, and the appropriate S3 Bucket from your Wasabi account (these will get auto-populated upon a successful connection to your Wasabi account). Click Ok when done.


11. Click on the Schedule tab to set your schedule for scanning the bucket.


Now, you have successfully integrated the ClarityNow data management software with your Wasabi cloud storage account. 

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