How do I use Veeam v10 Cloud Connect with Wasabi?

Veeam Cloud Connect Service Providers (VCSPs) can use Veeam Backup & Replication to offer cloud repository as a service and disaster recovery as a service to their customers (tenants). Veeam Backup & Replication lets VCSPs set up the cloud infrastructure so that tenants can send their data to the cloud and store it there in an easy and secure way.  This article describes how to configure Veeam Cloud Connect with Wasabi. 

Pre-requisites for VCC to integrate with Wasabi

  • Veeam Backup & Replication release v10. 
  • Veeam Service Provider license - ensure the license has "Cloud Connect Provider set to Yes"
  • Veeam Backup & Replication release v10 as a customer
  • Wasabi account

Note: Wasabi is NOT a Veeam Cloud Connect provider. A Veeam Cloud Connect provider can use Wasabi to offload end-customer backups to Wasabi. You can find a Veeam Cloud Connect provider on Veeam's Partner page.

Reference Architecture:


Table Of Contents:

1. Configure Cloud Gateway

2. Configure Gateway Pool

3. Create Tenant/End-Customer

4. Configure Tenant/End-customer Veeam

5. Create a job to your Veeam Service provider

6. Verify backup stored on Service Provider's Veeam

7. Verify backup on Wasabi

Configure Cloud Gateway

1. Confirm your license. Veeam v10 requires the Cloud Connect license to operate your Veeam instance in a Cloud Connect mode.

Note: If this is a new instance of Veeam Cloud Connect (or VCSP) setup, follow steps 2-5 to activate a certificate. If not, go to step 6.


2. Click "Manage Certificates".


3. Choose "Generate new certificate", then click "Next".


4. Input a name, then click "Next".


5. Review the "Summary" page, then click "Finish".


6. Click "Add Cloud Gateway".


7. Choose a "Server" from the dropdown menu, then click "Next".


8. Confirm Network settings, then click "Next".


9. Default settings for "Review" & "Apply" pages, click "Next", then click "Finish" on the "Summary" page. 


Configure Gateway Pool

10. Create a "Cloud Gateway Pool", click "Add Gateway Pool".


11. Input a name and description, then click "Next".


12. Choose the Cloud Gateway created in the previous section, then click "Next".


13. Click "Finish".


Create Tenant/End-Customer

14. Add a new Tenant, click "Add Tenant".


15) Input the following:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Check the box for "Backup storage".


16. Default value for "Max concurrent tasks", then click "Choose..." for "Gateway Pool".


17. If multiple gateway pools are available, manually allocate a gateway pool in the following method. If not, automatic selection should be selected. Then click "OK".


18. On the "Backup Resources" page, click "Add" to create a cloud repo. A pop-up window will open, Input the following, then click "OK".

  • Provide a name "SP Cloud".
  • Choose a Backup Repository "Wasabi Scale Out Repo".
  • Alter the quota, if applicable.


19. Review the "Summary" page, then click "Finish".


Configure Tenant/End-Customer Veeam

20. Click "Backup Infrastructure", then click "Service Providers".


21. Click "Add Provider" and input your service provider's DNS name or IP address. If you dont have a service provider, you can find a service provider on Veeam's Cloud Connect Partner page.


22. Then certificate will be negotiated with your Service Provider's Veeam instance, then click "Continue".


23. On the "Credentials" page, click "Add" to input the credentials created in step 15, then click "OK".


24. Once you click "Apply" on the "Credentials" page, the credentials will be verified with your service provider. Once authenticated, the application will navigate to the "Backup Storage" page, click "Apply"


25. Default values for the "Apply" & "Summary" pages. 


Create a job to your Veeam Service provider

26. Navigate to "Home", right click on "Backup", then click "Virtual Machine".


27. Input a name and description for the Backup Job, then click "Next".


28. Choose the VM(s) to be backed up, then click "Next".


29. Choose the cloud repository (SP Cloud) from the dropdown, then click "Next".


30. Default settings for "Guest processing" & "Schedule" pages. Review the "Summary" page, then click "Finish".


31. The backup job will commence, and store the backup on your cloud service provider's local storage.


32. The backup data, stored on Service Provider's local storage network:


Verify backup stored on Service Provider's Veeam

33. Once the backup is written to your cloud service provider's local storage, if the "Instant Copy" feature has been enabled, the backup will be offloaded from your VCSP storage to Wasabi storage:


Verify backup on Wasabi

34. Verify the backup data has been written to Wasabi:


Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 3.10.13 PM.png

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