What versions of TLS / SSL does Wasabi support?

In order to ensure maximum compatibility with hundreds of S3-compatible storage and other applications, Wasabi supports the same TLS / SSL versions that AWS S3 supports on our S3 storage interface (as shown in comparison below). You can use this tool to verify the TLS / SSL versions supported by Wasabi, AWS S3, or other services. 



In addition to the TLS / SSL versions supported on the S3 interface, it is also relevant to describe the TLS / SSL versions supported by the Wasabi Management Console.  As shown in the comparison below, in the case of the console, Wasabi has chosen to support a different set of capabilities relative to the AWS S3 management console.  This is by design to ensure maximum compliance with security best practices.   

For example, in the case of the console, we do not need to support TLS 1.0 because all web browsers that may need to connect to the console support newer TLS versions.   This is not the case with the S3 interface  as you may have older S3 applications that still require TLS 1.0.   


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