I have some questions about Wasabi Direct Connect & AWS Direct Connect - where can I get more information?

Wasabi Direct Connect and AWS Direct Connect are private line connectivity services that provide a dedicated network connection from your premises to the cloud service provider's storage network.  Wasabi provides this solution in a number of scaleable options that are described here

Further questions and answers on how Wasabi provides support for AWS Direct Connect services to connect to Wasabi storage are below.


Q1.  I currently have a AWS Direct Connect service from my data center to an AWS region?  Does Wasabi support the AWS Direct Connect solution to a Wasabi region?

A1.  Yes, Wasabi supports AWS direct connect services from an AWS account to a Wasabi account. 

A reference model would look like this:


Additional information on this model can be found here.


Q2.   How much does Wasabi Direct Connect and AWS Direct Connect cost?

A2.  The monthly port prices of Wasabi Direct Connect are relatively the same as AWS Direct Connect for 1 & 10 Gb/s ports.    Wasabi also supports sub-rate direct connect options through our established cloud services providers.  Please contact Sales for more information.

Note that Wasabi Direct Connect is only available on a monthly basis.   With Wasabi Direct Connect, there are no additional fees for data transfer in or out in accordance with our free egress policy. Unlike AWS Direct Connect, which charges a data transfer out fee on top of the port fee.   The minimum subscription term for Wasabi Direct Connect is 6 months.


Q3.  I know that one can do a free trial of Wasabi’s storage service but is a free trial of Wasabi Direct Connect or AWS Direct Connect also possible?

A3.  Not at this time; the provisioning of these Direct Connect methods requires the manual setup of transport connectivity and associated third-party fees that do not allow for a free trial of this function.  


Q4.  How do I get my Wasabi or AWS Direct Connect connection to Wasabi’s storage regions and are their extra fees?

A4.  Please contact Wasabi Sales for further information on how to order the Wasabi Direct Connect services.  Our sales department will contact you for more information on the technical requirements

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