How is Wasabi Technologies different than other companies named Wasabi?

When you have a 'hot' name like Wasabi, people will sometimes confuse us with other companies with a similar name, especially in the tech space.  Below are some examples.   Please do not contact Wasabi Support for help with these other products as we do not have the necessary expertise. 

Wasabi Wallet is a Bitcoin application developed by a company that has no relation to Wasabi Technologies.  Since the app is open source, there does not appear to be a formal support mechanism beyond the Wasabi Wallet doc site.

Wasabi Power is a vendor of batteries and other associated power products.  Please contact Wasabi Power directly if you need help with their products.

Wasabi Sushi & Bento is one of many examples of restaurants with Wasabi in their name.  If you have a complaint about the food or service in one of these restaurants, we sympathize but we request that you contact the restaurant directly for assistance.   

Wasabi Dell printer is an obsolote personal photo printer from the 2009 era.   There is no known support resources available for this product.

WasabiSix is a company that offers you the hottest products to get over daily struggles in terms of Home, Kitchen, Beauty, Lifestyle etc. Please contact them here for assistance with their products.


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