How do I migrate Veeam Backups from Microsoft Azure Blob to Wasabi?

Wasabi is a member of Veeam's cloud partner ecosystem. We have worked with Veeam closely to offer both a seamless implementation, and a smooth transition to cloud storage. More info on how Veeam works with Wasabi can be found in our Veeam with Wasabi Solution Overview.

Historical backups which are stored on Microsoft Azure Blob accounts can be migrated to Wasabi using Veeam's "Backup Copy Job" feature. 


    • Use Veeam's copy job feature to migrate backups stored on Azure to Wasabi
    • A Scale out Repo has been created for backups stored on Azure
    • Backup(s) have been written to Azure
    • A Scale out Repo has been created for storing data on Wasabi

Caution: When backups are migrated from Azure to Wasabi, the backup chain is interrupted, as backup jobs need to point to Wasabi. A new backup job needs to be created for the same VMs to be pointed to Wasabi as an Object Storage Repository target in the Scale-out Backup Repository. 

The process outlined below provides step-by-step information on how to configure Veeam copy job to migrate Veeam backups from Azure blob storage to Wasabi Hot cloud storage. 

1. Create a Veeam Copy Job, Navigate to Home page and click on "Backup Copy" and choose "Virtual machine"


2. Provide a name and click "Next"


3. Click "Add" and then choose the backup job which has backup stored on Azure and click "Next"


4. In "Target" choose "Azure2Wasabi" Scale out Repo and click "Next"


5. Default values for "Data Transfer", "Schedule" and "Summary" and click "Next"


6. The Veeam copy job will download the backup to local drive and then upload to Wasabi. 


7. Offload process commences immediately after the download completes since the "Instant Copy" feature is enabled.


8. Confirm the backup stored on Wasabi.


9. At this point, a new backup job with VMs that were configured in the Azure Backup job needs to be created with the SOBR pointing to Wasabi storage. All new backups will be written to Wasabi based on this backup job. 

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