How do I calculate charges based on bucket utilization?

Wasabi offers hot cloud storage that is easy to bundle as part of a partner storage solution offer. Various Wasabi MSPs manage end customer's data across several Wasabi buckets within one Wasabi account. Computing charges based on bucket utilization can sometimes get tricky. Here is an example on how to compute charges based on bucket utilization. 

Note: If you anticipate many end customers leveraging Wasabi storage for data management, the method described in this article might get very difficult to manage and quickly becomes prone to user error. Wasabi recommends to implement API automation to avoid such errors. More information available here, review information pertaining to "Method 1"

In order to access bucket utilization data, review information provided in this KB article.

Following is a bucket name "1tbwasabi-test" - the 2 key columns to compute charges for this bucket:

  • BillableActiveStorage = 8997
  • BillableDeletedStorage = 1097563402033


Daily Wasabi rate:

$6.99TB/mo = $6.99/1024/30 = $0.00022754 unit price per GB per day

NOTE: This example uses Wasabi's standard pay-as-you-go cloud storage pricing of = $6.99/TB/mo or $0.0068/GB/mo.  If you are on a different partner pricing plan, a different price would apply.

To calculate active storage charges - use the following formula:

  • (((BillableActiveStorage/1024)/1024)/1024)*<Daily Wasabi Rate>
  • (8997/1024)/1024)/1024) = 0.000008379109204*$0.00022754 = $0.000000001906583

To calculate deleted storage charge:

  • (((BillableDeletedStorage/1024)/1024)/1024) = 1
  • (((1097563402033/1024)/1024)/1024) = 1022.185573385097086 * $0.00022754 = $0.232588

Day 1 charge  = BillableActiveStorage + BillableDeletedStorage

Once the "day 1" charge has been calculated, repeat the same steps for each day of the month and aggregate the charges to create your monthly charge for this bucket.

Here is example of how to go about creating this in Microsoft Excel


Note the two new columns have been created in the above spreadsheet manually, one is Daily Active Storage Charges & Daily Delete Charges (highlighted in green). Both of those columns were created to compute charges for the day, the same formula listed above was used.

Note: Wasabi additionally charges minObjectSize charges which is NOT accounted for in the above description. 

  • MinStorageCharge = charges for accounts which has less than a total of 1 TB of data stored




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