How do I create a Sub-Account in the trial phase?

Wasabi's Account Control Manager allows you to automate cloud storage account creation, management and end-user billing with an easy to use centralized management interface. The following article provides you guidelines on creating a sub-account in a trial phase.


  • A Wasabi Control account - Please review option 1 in the following article to understand requirements for a Wasabi Control Account. 
  • Account created on Wasabi's Account Control Manager

1. Log in as a Account Control Admin or as a Account Control Staff user to WACM platform (


2. In Sub-Accounts tab, Click the Create Sub-Account button (Create Sub-Account modal will show up):Screen_Shot_2022-03-16_at_11.21.20_AM_copy.png


3. Provide the following info and click "Create"

  • Customer name
  • Email
  • Wasabi console password
  • Confirm Wasabi console password
  • Check "On Trial"
  • Choose trial quota 
  • Choose trial duration 
  • Optionally set the following:
    • Send Password Reset To Sub Account Email - Will send the password reset email to the sub-account if enabled
    • Password Reset Required - Will require the sub-account to perform password reset upon first login
    • Enable FTP Access - Will enable FTP access to the sub-account

Note: Minimum Active Storage charges apply to Sub-Accounts

All converted (non-trial) Pay-Go Sub-Accounts are subject to Minimum Active Storage charges. Learn more hereConverted (non-trial) Sub-Accounts that fall under RCS are not subject to Minimum Active Storage charges.




4. Once creation completes, a new modal opens up confirming the creation with s3 access & secret keys. MSP admin could download the keys as a text file by clicking "Download Keys" or click "Copy Keys" to copy buffer.



5. The newly created sub-account will be listed in the Sub-Accounts tab:


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