How do I use BackupAssist ER with Wasabi?

BackupAssist ER has been validated for use with Wasabi. For info on how BackupAssist ER work with Wasabi please visit this page. Follow steps outlined below to configure Wasabi as a backup destination. 


Table of Contents

1. Prerequisites

2. Configuration

3. Immutability


1. Prerequisites

2. Configuration

2.1 Launch BackupAssist ER


2.2. In the left hand pane under the "Backup" section click on "Jobs" and then click on "New"


2.3 Under the "Disk to disk to cloud" section, click "Create Backup"


2.4 In the "General" tab, provide name and description for the backup job in the "General" section

2.5 Under the "Encryption" section, enter a password in the "Encryption password" field which will be used to encrypt the backup sent to Wasabi. Check the box if you wish to encrypt the local disk backup as well. 

2.6 Click on the Files & Applications tab when you are done.


2.7 In the "Files & applications" tab, select the volumes that you want to backup.

2.8 Click on the "Storage Location" tab when you are done.


2.9 In the "Storage Location" tab, you will provide destination for both local and cloud storage

Under "Storage Location 1" section, you have the option to select either "Local disk" or "Network Location" as the "Storage Location type"

Provide the necessary information per the selected location type and click either "Check Disk" or "Check Network Location" to confirm the storage destination is accessible

2.10 Under "Storage Location 2" click on the dropdown menu for Storage Location type and select "Wasabi"

2.11 Provide the following Information:

  • Bucket - provide a globally unique name. BackupAssist ER will create a bucket using this name in your Wasabi account
  • URL - the service URL for the Wasabi region (prefix the URL with https:// is required)  
  • Access Key 
  • Secret Access Key 

Note: This config example discusses the use of Wasabi's us-east-2 storage region. To use other Wasabi storage regions, please use the appropriate Wasabi service URL as described in this article.

2.12 Click "Check account". BackupAssist will access your Wasabi account using the security keys and create a storage bucket with the name provided. 

2.13 Click on the "Schedule" tab next. Set the "Backup schedule" and "Retention scheme" as needed and click "Save".


2.14 The backup job is now configured and displayed in the Backup jobs section.

2.15 To run the Cloud backup, click on the job and select "Run cloud backup" from the "Run" dropdown menu.

11. Once the job completes, the status will show Successful


12. The backup will now be visible in the "backupassist" folder in your Wasabi account.


3. Immutability

Starting in Version 1.3.0 the ability to backup to Object Lock enabled/Immutable bucket is now supported. 

An object lock bucket and settings has to be created and configured in Wasabi's Console prior to configuring backup jobs in BackupAssist Classic console. 

3.1 Log into your Wasabi Cloud Console and create your Object Lock Enabled Bucket following the steps in Object Lock Enabled Bucket article.

3.2 Once created you can create your backup job starting in Steps 2.2 and link your backup to your object lock enabled bucket.


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