How do I use Pulse-IT/Automate-IT with Wasabi?

Pulse-IT / Automate-IT has been validated for use with Wasabi. Follow steps outlined below to configure Wasabi as a Cloud storage destination. 


  • Inside Pulse-IT workflow with S3 tasks
  • With Media Selector inside Forms
  • Active Wasabi account

1. S3 tasks configuration


To use S3 task with Wasabi, you just have to add a key inside the "Resource" sub-menu :

  • Name :  'endpoint_url'
  • Value :  ''

2. All other parameters are the same as a standard S3 configuration


3. Media Selector configuration - To create a Wasabi media connector, you need to choose "Amazon S3" as connector type.


4. Edit credential and add a line in resource option sub-menu.


  • Key : endpoint_url
  • Python value : ''

5. Now you can add a Wasabi media connector in Forms and allow users simply browse and select a media in a Wasabi bucket 





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