What are my options before I terminate use of Wasabi Account Control Manager?

Wasabi's Account Control Manager allows you to create a consolidation of your end customer Wasabi storage accounts. After using Wasabi Account Control Manager, if the platform does NOT suite your business model, consider the following options:

1. If you are a new customer of Wasabi's Account Control API & Wasabi Account Control Manager and dislike Wasabi's Account Control Manager but would like to retain Wasabi's Account Control API capability:

  • You have an option of removing just the Wasabi's Account Control Manager from your integration
  • There is no need to delete any of the sub-accounts or delete any of the storage within those sub-accounts created via Wasabi Account Control Manager
  • All sub-accounts and storage within the sub-accounts remain un-affected when Account Control Manager is decommissioned.
  • A replacement platform or application would be required to manage the sub-accounts moving forward.

2. If you would like to decommission Wasabi Account Control Manager including Wasabi Account Control API:

  • If this option better suits your business model, Wasabi would require you to delete all storage in each of the sub-accounts and then also delete all sub-accounts as well. 
  • Once data from the sub-accounts have been deleted, none of the data stored on Wasabi account would be recoverable.
  • NOTE: Wasabi will not charge for storage managed on Wasabi while the sub-accounts are in Trial state, however charges accrue if the sub-accounts are not in Trial state.

3. If you are an existing Wasabi Account Control API customer, and would like to try Wasabi's Account Control Manager,

  • All sub-accounts created prior to use can be imported into Wasabi's Account Control Manager.
  • If after use of Wasabi's Account Control Manager, the platform does not suit your business model and opt to go back to your previous integration, no sub-accounts or storage within sub-accounts will be affected
  • Wasabi would disable your Account Management keys associated with Account Control Manager, decommission your Account Control Manager account and then generate new keys for your Account Control API (for security purposes).
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