How do I suspend a Sub-Account via Account Control Manager (WACM)?

Wasabi Account Control Manager allows administrative users to suspend a wasabi sub-account 

1. Login to WACM platform (



2. Click on the sub-account that you wish to suspend:Screen_Shot_2022-03-15_at_4.10.04_PM.png


3. Scroll down to "Sub Account Information" section and click on the mceclip3.pngand choose "Suspend Account"



4. Confirm the operation by clicking on "Suspend"


NOTE: Control account will continue to accrue charges for this sub-account. The data stored in the account is not affected by this operation, just access to the data is. 


5. Once operation succeeds, account status will be updated to "Suspended"




NOTE: Sub-Accounts access to wasabi console & all s3 access/secret keys will be suspended at this point. Restoration of the Sub-Account is required in order to re-instate access to the data stored.

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