How to add a new Source and Target pair?

You can use a locally mounted NTFS/ReFS volume, an SMB/NFS network share or just
a folder on the volume/share as a source.

Note - You can not set a folder as a source if its parent folder is already paired with a target.

1. In the Wasabi Cloud NAS Configuration, select Wasabi Cloud NAS in the left pane and click Add Source.


2. Select the appropriate folder or the drive you want to replicate to a target bucket in Wasabi. You can also create a new folder and use that as the source.

3. Next, add the Wasabi target information. 

  • Enter a name for the target
  • Select the appropriate region (this auto populates the Server URL)
  • Enter the access and secret key (If you are using an existing target, you can select it to auto populate the keys)
  • click List Buckets and select a bucket from the list to pair it with the newly added source.
  • Alternatively, click on Create Bucket, select the appropriate region and enter a Bucket Name. Hit OK when done.


Click Apply to apply the changes.

4. You can optionally enable Bucket Versioning OR Compliance on the bucket, via the Bucket Settings.

Note - When you enable Compliance on the bucket, Cloud NAS automatically sets the corresponding local folder/drive to WORM so you will not be able to make edits or delete files in the local folder. If you edit a file it will force you to save it as a new file. Hence, with Cloud NAS you should not enable versioning AND compliance together.


Click on Apply when done.

5. This completes the steps to configure a new source-target pair on Wasabi Cloud NAS. 


Don't forget to hit Resume (first click Wasabi Cloud NAS on the left pane at the top, and then Resume at the bottom)





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