How to monitor the status of files being managed by Wasabi Cloud NAS?

There are a few ways to view the status of files managed by Cloud NAS.

1. Statistics button

You can view the real time statistics of files on a per source level by opening the Cloud NAS Configuration UI, clicking on a source in the left pane, and then clicking on the Statistics button. See example below -



This will directly open up the Wasabi tab of the overall Folder Properties window, as shown below - 


This window displays the following -

• total number of files and the total size

• size and number of unprocessed, excluded, modified, pending, replicated and failed files

• number of files and their size on the disk of the source

• number of files and their size, which have been reclaimed on the source

2. Tray icon menu

You can view the list of pending files by performing a right click on the Cloud NAS tray icon (located near the system tray), and selecting Show Pending Files option, as shown below -



3. Tray icon color notifications

The tray icon will change its look based on status of replication and overall service health. For example, these are the different tray icon visual identifiers and their corresponding meaning -


Error - Some of the files submitted for replication failed – moving the cursor over the tray icon shows the number of failed files. 

Paused - Icon shows grey logo indicating that operations are paused. 

Pending - Icon shows partial green and partial grey indicating there are files waiting to be replicated. Once files are replicated the icon shows green logo. Also, moving the cursor over the icon shows the number of pending files. 

Stopped - Icon shows red logo indicating that the Service is not running and is stopped. 

Running - Icon shows solid green logo indicating that the Service is running normally.

Warning - License is not activated/Expired - tray icon change to represent the lack of product activation or inability to re-acquire license. 


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