How do I use Arcserve ImageManager with Wasabi

Arcserve ImageManager has been validated for use with Wasabi.  To use this product with Wasabi, please follow the instructions below.  If the images don't load, you can view a PDF of this article here

Backing up your data to any cloud using Arcserve is a two process operation. In this article, we will go through both processes in detail.

Please Note: The data restoration process is handled by your specific backup software application. As there are many potential variables that will affect your unique environment, it is strongly recommended that you seek the guidance of your backup software's technical support team in the event that you encounter difficulty, or have application-specific inquiries.

Process 1: Download and Configure ShadowProtect SPX 1.

1. You can download the software here

Once you have downloaded the software, run as administrator and connect to Port: 13581 and use your systems username and Password


2. Click on Help on top menu bar and select "Product Activation" to activate product.



3. Enter the product key license serial number, if you don't have one..start a trial for 30 days and a key will be sent to your email.



4.  Once the product is activated, start by creating a "New Job" by clicking the "+" sign.



5. Select the volume you want to be backed up and create a job with appropriate LOCAL destination. The destination path must be accurate so it can automatically sync while pushing these backups to wasabi cloud using ImageManager. Below the example shows the path as the local E: drive and the folder name is "Username". (Note: you must choose your password for a new job).




6. Select a Schedule which matches your needs and save the job.


(Note: We will now configure the Arcserve ImageManager and come back to ShadowProtect once IM configuration is complete)

Process 2: Download and Configure Arcserve ImageManager

1. You can download the software here

You can start by connecting to localhost at port: 56765 and enter password: password. This will prompt you to create a new password. A new Localhost Agent will be created for you.




2. Click on Agent Settings (bottom left) and select "Locations" and "+" to add Wasabi location.




3. From the dropdown select "Amazon S3 Compatible Storage"






Note that this example discusses the use of Wasabi's us-west-1 storage region.

To use other Wasabi storage regions, please use the appropriate Wasabi service URL as described in this  article.

You can see Wasabi Storage added as your Cloud backup location



4. Now, return to your localhost Agent and in the top row, select the Start Managing Folder icon:




 Note: This folder path must match the destination path you set in Process 1: Step 5 and hit save






5. Create a Replication Job by right click on Retention and under Create Job, select "Replication"




Select Amazon S3 Compatible Storage in Type with appropriate location and subdirectory and choose Save









Now you can go back to ShadowProtect SPX and Right Click on your backup job which was created earlier during process 1 and select start backup now -> new Full Backup

Note: New Full Backup is for an initial backup and need to be done only once. This creates the base image of the volume at the destination. All future backups of the same volume can be incremental.




Once the base image backup is complete to the local storage location, this automatically triggers the ImageManager to run the initial test of the Replication job, and will start the Replication process to Wasabi Cloud.




When this is complete, you will also be able to see these files via the Wasabi Console. See C_VOL-b004.spf and C_VOL-b004.md5:


Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 2.53.44 PM.png


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