How do I activate MFA for Wasabi Account Control Manager (WACM)?

Wasabi Account Conrol Manager (WACM) now supports MFA (multi-factor authentication). Follow steps outlined below to setup WACM account with MFA (AKA 2FA).

1. Login to your WACM account (


2. Once logged in, navigate to My Profile



3. Navigate to "Multi Factor Authentication" section under "Profile" tab:





4. Click "Turn On" - that will navigate to "Setup one-time password" page 



5. Using one of the MFA app's Wasabi has validated with such as "Google Authenticator, Authy etc" activate MFA by providing "Confirmation Code" and then click "Register".

NOTE: With MFA application "Duo mobile" users have experienced interoperability issues with WACM. Please contact for more details around the expected behavior.


6. Once you click "Register" a notification would pop up stating "One-time Password successfully turned on"



7. A subsequent login to this page would require you to provide a authentication code before a login completes:


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