Why do I see Pending Invoice Computation In Progress when loading my billing page?


Some customers may now see a message flash as they load the billing tab on the Wasabi Management Console. The message there will read, “Pending Invoice Computation In Progress”. 



This is an indication that the system is collecting the latest Accounting information. It will check five times at intervals of 0sec, 2sec , 4sec, 8sec , 16sec. When it has completed the message will disappear and you will then see the Pending Invoice: 

Take note that the As Of date should be the last completed Billing Job. The information is not updated in real time, but is of the last billing job cycle which may be from the previous evening. 

If the lookup of the accounting data does not complete by the fifth check, the message displayed will change to read: 

This is most often the case when you are a Partner account and the data must be If you refresh the page, that should allow you to see this. Most notably this delay will be seen in Partner accounts where it may take 3-5 minutes to update all the data for the sub-accounts. You may also notice this in the CSP if you use the button. The same collection of accounting information must be completed before it is displayed. There is no subsequent refresh or update of the “Please check back in sometime” message there. A refresh of the page is required to display the Pending Invoice. 

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