How do I use Unitrends Backup with Wasabi?

Unitrends has been validated for use with Wasabi. For additional info on how Wasabi works with Unitrends, please visit this solution page.  Please follow steps outlined below to configure Wasabi as a cloud storage target for your Unitrends backups.


  • Unitrends software version - 10.5.1
  • Access to Unitrends Console
  • Active Wasabi account with a bucket(s) created for Unitrends backup

Table of Contents

Add Wasabi as a cloud storage target

1. Login to the Unitrends console.



2. Navigate to the Configure tab on the left side pane and go to the Backup Targets section.



3. Expand the Add target dropdown menu and select Cloud from the list of options.



4. In the Add cloud storage window, provide a name for the target. 

Under the Storage Details section, Choose Wasabi as the Cloud Storage target and enter the following details:

  • Storage Path - Wasabi bucket name
  • Wasabi Region - Service URL of the Wasabi region
  • Access Key ID
  • Secret Access Key 



Note: This config example discusses the use of Wasabi's us-east-1 storage region. To use other Wasabi storage regions, please use the appropriate Wasabi service URL as described in this article


5. Recently added Wasabi account will show up as an Online target. 



6. Once added, Unitrends will associate its software with Wasabi bucket



Add assets to be backed up by Unitrends

7. Navigate to Configure - > Protected Assets -> Add -> Virtual HostPicture7.png


8. Configure following and click "Save"

  • Hypervisor - Choose the hypervisor that needs to be backed up
  • IP address
  • Username
  • Password



9. The virtual host is now listed under the Protected Assets.



Create SLA Policy

10. Navigate to Jobs -> SLA Policies and click "Create Policy"



11. In the Create SLA Policy window, provide a name "Backup to Wasabi". In the Select Items tab,  choose "VMware" from the dropdown menu under Inventory and select the desired VM. Click "Next"



12. In the Define Policy Options tab, under Backup Frequency section, click "Show Backup Window" and choose the window that applies to your backup strategy. Under the Backup Copies section, select "Copy backups daily to the Cold Backup Copy Target" and click "Save"



13. Note that the Backup SLA Policy has been created



Create Backup Job

Refer to information about Backup job here

14. Navigate to Jobs and click Create job and choose Backup



15. In he Create Backup Job window, provide a job name. In the Select Items tab,  choose "VMware" from the dropdown menu under Inventory and select the desired VM. Click "Next"



16. In the Define Job Settings tab, under the Job Detail section, choose "Now" or "Create a Schedule". If set to Now, the backup job will immediately run



17. Backup job created will commence




18. Immediately after the backup job completes, the SLA Policy kicks in.



19. Confirm backup is stored on Wasabi.



Create Backup Copy Job

Refer to information about Backup Copy Job here


20. Navigate to Jobs - > Active Jobs -> Backup Copy



21. In the Create Backup Copy Job window, provide a name "Copy Job to Wasabi". In the Selection Items tab, choose the VM which has been previously backed up and click "Next"



22. Choose the following and click "Save"

  • Backup Copy Type -> Backup Cold
  • Backup Copy Target -> Wasabi-sla-east-1
  • Backups to Copy -> Fulls only or All
  • Job detail - optionally can be changed to "Now"



23. The Backup Copy job starts offloading the data to the cold storage bucket defined.




24. Confirm the data is stored in the Wasabi bucket. 



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