Wasabi Veeam Object Lock Integration

Wasabi has obtained Object Storage with Immutability status in the Veeam Ready Program.

Veeam Ready Object Storage with Immutability

Veeam HCL - Wasabi

Veeam Backup & Replication v10, v11 and v12 have been tested by Wasabi to validate Veeam's immutability feature. Wasabi introduced Object Lock API support, in order to be compatible with Veeam. 

The process by which you enable Immutability is the same for both a Backup Job and a Backup Copy Job. When Veeam runs the offload process for a particular job, Veeam will upload the files and automatically set the immutability expiration for those objects.

Veeam uses a Block Generation strategy to determine the appropriate immutability expiration on objects, in order to ensure that full backups and incremental backups have the same immutability expiration time.

Please reference the Veeam Documentation on Block Generation for more information.

Additionally, please review the Considerations and Limitations for Immutability.

Specific noteworthy items are:

  • Veeam only supports Compliance Mode with Object Lock.
  • Do not use Wasabi Object Lock Bucket Level Default settings (these are off by default).
  • NAS/File Backups are not supported with Object Lock on v10 and v11. Veeam version 12 introduces immutability support for NAS/File Backups. 

Wasabi's Veeam Object Lock Integration FAQ

NOTE: There are multiple ways to integrate Object Lock into your existing Veeam Backup and Replication strategy. These guides go over how to implement Wasabi with Veeam Immutable Repository from scratch. Please refer to the Veeam Documentation for migrating existing Object Repositories.

For further questions about the best path of migration for existing backups, please reach out to your Veeam support representative.


Setting up Veeam with Immutability (Wasabi Object Lock)

1. Create an Object Lock enabled bucket.

Please follow the linked guide to creating an Object Lock enabled bucket.

Do not enable "Bucket-Level Object Retention" settings on the "Object Lock" tab for your bucket. The screenshot below illustrates the correct way to have Object Lock configured.


2. Reference the appropriate Veeam guide.

Please reference the Veeam guide particular to your version, and backup type.

3. Enable Immutability while configuring your S3-Compatible Backup Repository

  • Select the option "Make recent backups immutable for" and configure the number of days to make backups immutable.
  • Set the number of days you wish to make your backups immutable.
  • Refer to the Veeam Block Generation Document for more information.


4. Continue with the standard Veeam guide.

Once the Wasabi object repository is created, continue with the standard Veeam guide for your backup type and the Veeam version in use. All Veeam knowledge base articles are listed on the Main Veeam KB Article. The remaining procedure for creating backups and backup copies remains the same.


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