How do I set Object Lock Bucket Settings?

Please see our KB for an overview of Wasabi Object Lock.

Bucket settings for Object Lock allow you to place a default Object Lock policy on objects which are placed into a bucket. These settings are disabled by default and are entirely optional. Changing the settings does not affect any of the existing objects which are inside of the bucket. These settings only apply to objects which are newly placed into the bucket and come with no associated Object Lock settings.

Accessing Bucket Level Object Lock Settings

1. Select your bucket, and click the gear icon in the top right-hand corner



2. Click on the "Object Locking" tab, configure your settings, click "Apply"

You can see in this example image that there are no defaults selected.



3. Set your Object Lock bucket settings

In this example, we are enabling Compliance Mode and setting the default retention time for 10 days. You have the option of selecting days, and years for the time scale.



4. Confirm Settings by typing "CONFIRM" and hit "CONFIRM"

Once you apply the settings, you will be presented with a confirmation box, type "CONFIRM", then hit the "CONFIRM" button to apply the settings.



5. To Validate your Bucket Level Default Settings, upload a file

In this example I have uploaded the file "100MB.bin", to view the retention details, click on the "Bucket Versioning" icon in the top right-hand corner.



6. Check the File Details

Click on the file you have uploaded in order to show the File Details screen. You can see the Object Locking details show that the file is locked with mode "Compliance", and the Retain Until date is set for April 22, 10 days from now.




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