How can I tell if a bucket is using Wasabi Object Lock or Wasabi Compliance?

By default, any bucket created without explicitly selecting Object Lock will have the Wasabi Compliance (Bucket Lock) enabled. Wasabi Object Lock and Wasabi Compliance are mutually exclusive, meaning a bucket can only have one type of immutability on it.

Validation of the locking feature enabled on a bucket can easily be done through the Wasabi Console.

1. Log in to the Wasabi Console, and navigate to your bucket, then click the gear icon for Settings



2. You will be presented with a tabbed window

An Object Lock enabled bucket will have a tab called "Object Locking".

Example of Wasabi Object Lock enabled on a bucket.


A Wasabi Compliance enabled bucket will have a tab called "Compliance".

Example of a Wasabi Compliance enabled bucket.


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