I'm getting a NoSuchTagSetError error when using AWS CLI v2 to move data in Wasabi. Why?

Sometimes AWS CLI tries to fetch tagging from objects that do not have them when utilizing the 'mv' or 'sync' commands - this is a change from AWS CLI v1 to v2 and how it handles file properties. This error is seen when moving data from one bucket to another, or data within the same bucket but between different prefixes.

To ignore tagging in your command, add the --copy-props metadata-directive​ flag. This tells AWS CLI to not copy any tags, but to retain the rest of the metadata associated with the object:


aws s3 mv s3://mybucket/oldname.txt s3://mybucket/newname.txt --copy-props metadata-directive

For more information, please review the official AWS documentation available here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/userguide/cliv2-migration.html#cliv2-migration-s3-copy-metadata

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