Why do I see downloads in utilization without performing any actual data download?


Sometimes, you may see data downloads in your utilization statistics for individual bucket(s) and overall account as shown below.




Note that 'Downloads' are not necessary only GET requests, it also means reading any kind of data from Storage Servers or Databases(meta-data) that accounts for data READs.


In your particular case, you may not be downloading any files/objects from your bucket(s) but it is very common for most of the S3 applications to perform regular LIST operations during the upload and sync processes.  The S3 applications are designed to LIST the objects in a consistent fashion before performing any operation(s) or regular sync scans. This means your S3 application is READing meta-data of stored objects from the Wasabi Database through LIST operations to verify your objects in there which will set up a stage for the 'next action' as appropriately seen by the application.

As an example, take a look at these CDR statistics that indicates no files/objects downloaded via GET operation but those objects' meta-data are consistently read by the application using LIST operations.




You may monitor these API calls yourself by setting up Bucket Logging on your end. If you are seeing a high frequency of LIST calls being made to the Wasabi Database, please consult with your S3 application technical team to isolate that and try to reduce the rate of LIST operations. 




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