Why do I Get Access Denied Logging in as Root User?

Sometimes when customers log in as the ROOT user, they get an "Access Denied" message displayed when logged in and attempting to view the buckets page like shown below:



The main reason this happens is due to the customer not being able to reach S3 endpoints.  These tests can help isolate what may be blocking access:


-In a different web browser, or a private/incognito browsing session, try logging in again.  If this works, it is likely a browser extension/blocker that is not permitting access to S3 endpoints.

-If the error persists, try logging into the console on a different device on a different network.  Ideally, try a mobile device over cellular network (not WiFi).  If this works, there is either a local AV (antivirus) software, OR a local network firewall that is blocking access to S3 endpoints.  


If it is determined that a firewall is blocking access, you can whitelist your desired/needed S3 endpoints by following this article.


If neither of these tests work, please let us know at support@wasabi.com

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