Why is Nakivo Unable to Connect to Wasabi?

Nakivo customers having trouble connecting to Wasabi may have encountered a known issue with Nakivo and certificate pinning. Please reach out to Nakivo Support in order to update your system to the latest certificates.

We have received a rough outline of the process to update the certificates.

Nakivo Support can provide the updated certificate.

Please perform the following procedure:

  1. Stop all job/maintenance tasks on NAKIVO 
  2. Stop transporter service on Onboard transporter “systemctl stop nkv-bhsvc.service”
  3. (https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/KB/Starting+and+Stopping+Product+Services
  4. SSH to VA, go to NAKIVO transporter folder: /opt/nakivo/transporter 
  5. Move the "s3-trust.pem" certificate to a safe place or rename it 
  6. Download the fixed certificate file by the following link Naviko Support will email you.
  7. Put it in the transporter folder with the "s3-trust.pem" name. 
  8. Start transporter service on Onboard transporter
    1. "start nkv-bhsvc.service"
  • You should now be able to add Wasabi as a backup repository. 
  • Example:






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