What set of Knowledge Articles would a Governance user share with an MSP/VAR partner to manage their users?

If you have a WACM account, log in to the platform here: https://wacm.wasabisys.com/en/wasabi/auth/login

In order to adequately prepare an MSP/VAR to manage their account on the Wasabi Account Control Manager platform, we recommend that they review a selection of WACM Knowledge Base articles. 

To begin, these are broken down into two categories:

1. Managing their End-users (customers)

2. Managing their Account users

Please see the selections below:

Managing their End-Users:

  1. How do I create a Sub-Account in the trial phase?
  2. How do I change a Sub-Account trial?
  3. How do I convert a Sub-Account trial to a paying customer?
  4. How do I restore a sub-account via Wasabi Account Control Manager
  5. How do I suspend a sub-account via Account Control Manager
  6. How do I import my sub-accounts into Wasabi Account Control Manager
  7. How do I delete a Sub-Account in the Wasabi Account Control Manager

Invoice & data management:

  1. How do I access historical invoices for a sub-account via Wasabi Account Control Manager
  2. How do I export data from Wasabi Account Control Manager?
  3. How do I filter for Sub-Accounts in Wasabi Account Control Manager?

Managing their (Account) Users:

User management:

  1. How do I manage Wasabi Account Control Manager User Profiles? 
  2. How do I active MFA for Wasabi Account Control Manager?


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