How do I use Vultr Compute with Wasabi?

Vultr is a leading provider of public cloud computing services. Wasabi has partnered with Vultr for a joint compute + storage solution. Wasabi has direct private network connectivity to Vultr data centers. This ensures that the combination of Vultr compute + Wasabi storage provides you with a low-cost, high-performing, and secure compute + storage infrastructure.

Vultr compute resources can be used to host storage and other applications that can connect to Wasabi. Vultr is not a storage application itself so there is no native S3 interface on Vultr. Instead, you can host your applications on Vultr and configure those applications to point to Wasabi using an S3 interface. Additional info on how Wasabi works with Vultr can be found here. Please contact us with any questions about Vultr  + Wasabi.

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