How do I convert a Reserved Capacity Storage (RCS) account to a Pay-as-you-go account?

We appreciate your business as a Reserved Capacity Storage (RCS) customer and your interest in converting to a Pay-as-you-go (Pay-go) account. The following are guidelines for what needs to be done to convert your account from RCS to Pay-go which will occur at the expiration of your current RCS term should you choose not to renew your RCS contract. Please note, the following must be done prior to the end date of your RCS contract.

The RCS to Pay-go conversion process requires that you have a credit card recorded as a payment method with Wasabi. Please make sure to follow the instructions below on how to add your credit card: 


1. Go to and once logged in, select 'Billing' from the menu on the left side of the page. 





2. Within the Billing section, select the 'Payment Settings' tab, then select 'Add New Credit Card'. 




After these steps have been done, invoices will be generated every 30 days and charged to the credit card on file.  If the credit card is not added, Wasabi will continue to follow up with you to get a payment method in place.   However, if a card is not added your account will be put on hold.


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