What is the Difference between Compliance and Object Lock


Both Wasabi Compliance and Wasabi Object Lock serve the purpose of Immutability.

“Immutability” prevents the modification or deletion of objects, throughout the storage lifetime, as defined by you. However, there are some fundamental differences between them.

Wasabi Compliance

Wasabi Object Lock

Wasabi Compliance is a feature used to achieve bucket immutability, and prevents any change or deletion of objects (all objects) in a bucket, until the specified “Retention Time” passes.


Wasabi Object Lock is a feature that will prohibit modification or deletion of individual objects during a configured retention period.



It is a bucket-level setting.


Wasabi Compliance takes effect across an ENTIRE bucket, across ALL the objects in that bucket.

It is an object-level setting.


Wasabi Object Lock takes effect at an individual Object-level, not across the entire bucket.

  • The retention policy can be specified on each object placed into a bucket.
  • Bucket level settings may be applied so that new objects placed in a bucket will have a default setting applied. Be sure to check that your backup application either allows or restricts that setting before you use it. 


Works with either Versioning ENABLED or Versioning DISABLED.


NOTE: Without Versioning Enabled - If you try to upload the same object again, before the “Retention Time” elapses, you will get an “Access Denied” error through the console.


Versioning must be enabled

Wasabi Compliance can be enabled at any time, even after the bucket has been created.


Enabling Wasabi Object Lock MUST be done during bucket creation.

  • You are unable to enable Object Lock on existing buckets.


There is no 3rd party application dependency.

The setting here is entirely controlled by the Wasabi bucket settings.

The 3rd party application must support the use of Object Locking when uploading objects

When writing the individual objects, the parameters for object lock must be specified.




How to quickly check to see if your bucket is using Wasabi Object Lock or Wasabi Compliance:

  1. Log in to the Wasabi Console, and navigate to your bucket, then click the gear icon for Settings



  1. You will be presented with a tabbed window.

An Object Lock enabled bucket will have a tab called "Object Locking".

Example of a Wasabi Object Lock enabled bucket.


A Wasabi Compliance enabled bucket will have a tab called "Compliance".

Example of a Wasabi Compliance enabled bucket.





  1. Wasabi Object Lock and Wasabi Compliance are mutually exclusive, meaning a bucket can only have one type of immutability on it.
  2. Creating a bucket that has Object Lock enabled, will automatically disable the use of Wasabi Bucket Lock (Wasabi Compliance).


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