How do I use Hivelocity with Wasabi?

Hivelocity is a Wasabi partner that provides bare metal compute resources with 40 locations, in 26 countries, on 6 continents, with low latency.  Hivelocity now offers Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage as an authorized Wasabi reseller.   More info how how Wasabi works with Hivelocity can be found here.

Follow the steps outlined below to configure Wasabi as a cloud storage target for any of Hivelocity’s Dedicated Server Solutions.



1. Begin online at Hivelocity’s Dedicated Server Solution page,



2. Choose the All Solutions tab, then choose Storage



3. Review the information about storage on Wasabi and choose “Chat now about storage servers”



4. Hivelocity's sales team will establish a ticket to have the Wasabi storage solution added to your Dedicated Server order.


To configure your application with Wasabi, please refer to the application-specific articles in our Knowledge Base.

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