How do I use Fortinet's Fortigate NGFW with Wasabi?

FortiGate NGFWs deliver industry-leading enterprise security for any edge at any scale with full visibility and threat protection. FortiGate NGFWs are now partnered with Wasabi to extend the visibility & monitoring. Follow instructions below to integrate NGFWs with Wasabi. 



  • FortiOS v6.4.8 Build 1914 or higher recommended
  • Current FortiGuard subscription that provides current application signatures
  • Active Wasabi's Hot Cloud Storage subscription

Reference Architecture:



A FortiGate firewall must be in the data path between the Wasabi client and the path to the Wasabi storage regions.

A firewall policy rule should exist with the following:

  1. Permits the desired traffic from the client host to Wasabi
  2. Enables the “Application Control” feature
  3. Enable “deep-inspection” for the SSL Inspection feature
    • Note: If deep-inspection is disabled, Fortigate firewall will identify traffic being sent-to/received-from Wasabi, when enabled, Fortigate firewall will be able to detect what type of interactions are being exchanged with Wasabi storage (ex: upload vs download vs deletion)
  4. Enable “Log Allowed Traffic” with “All Sessions” option.


To use logging via syslog, go to Log Settings -> Remote Logging and Archiving

  • Enable the syslog option and enter the destination syslog IP


Additionally, FortiAnalyzer can be used as a logging destination, and logs can be accessed via its API or forwarded to a packet capture infrastructure.

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