Can I change the region of my bucket?

When a Wasabi bucket is created, a specific region (us-east-1, eu-central-1, etc.) must be selected during the bucket creation process so our system knows where to physically write the data for storage. Once the region of the bucket is set, all data being written to that bucket will continue to be directed to the selected region for as long as the bucket exists. While you cannot move a bucket from one region to another, you may copy the data over and then remove the original bucket.


What if my bucket already has data in it?

If a bucket is already hosting data, then the data physically resides in our data center in the region the bucket was first created. In order to move that data from one region to another, the user must manually migrate that data. To move data from one Wasabi region to another, please see our KB article How can I migrate my data from one Wasabi bucket to another Wasabi bucket?

What if my bucket has no data in it?

If your bucket does not yet have any data, then it would be a simple task of deleting the bucket, then re-creating the bucket in the correct region. Please note that bucket names are unique across the service, so if you believe your bucket has a common name, you'll want to do these steps in quick sequence so no one else creates a bucket with this name. 


Additional Notes:

  • When changing the region of your bucket, be sure to update any applications to point to the new service URL of the bucket's new region. You can see a list of our service URLs in our KB What are the service URLs for Wasabi's different storage regions?
  • When deleting and re-creating a bucket, please allow a few seconds for our system to update and propagate the deletion. If trying to re-create the bucket too quickly, you may see an error that the bucket already exists. If you receive this error, please wait a minute or two, then retry your request.

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