What happens to my Wasabi Console Account after my Wasabi Account Control Manager account is provisioned?

So, your Wasabi Sales rep has you all set up with your brand new Wasabi Account Control Manager account. Now what? You might think, now that my account is setup in WACM, why would I need my Wasabi Console account?

It is best to think of Wasabi Account Control Manager as an extension of your Wasabi Console Account. One cannot exist without the other.

We request that under no circumstances you delete your Wasabi Console Account that is associated with your Control Account in WACM.

If for some reason, you do wish to discontinue your use of the Wasabi Account Control Manager, see this article first.

Once your WACM Account is provisioned, your Wasabi Console Account becomes what is commonly referred to as a 'Control Account'. This is the same term used to describe your WACM 'Control Account', and for good reason. Your Wasabi Console Control Account is the core of your WACM Control Account, making it the most important piece of your Wasabi implementation as a WACM user. 

Without that Wasabi Console Control Account, you will be unable to:

  • Receive any notifications about trial account conversion, trial expiration, etc. 
  • Create Sub-Accounts, modify Sub-Accounts, and delete Sub-Accounts in WACM.
  • See Sub-Invoices in WACM.
  • Manage invoices at the Control Account level.
  • Store data at the Control Account level.


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