Can I move the Control Folder to a different location?

Wasabi Cloud NAS requires a new folder to be configured as Control Folder when a Source is a network share versus a local share on the Windows Server. The control folder is used only for storing stub file copies of the actual files on the network share and facilitates retrieving of data to the network share, should you enable space reclaiming.

The control folder can only be moved within the same volume. Below are the steps to move the Control Folder:

  1. Pause Wasabi Cloud NAS service from the Configuration Interface.
  2. Delete the Source. (This does NOT delete any data)
  3. Move the control folder to the desired location on the same volume. You should use the Move command, not Copy. Simply Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V on the new location.
  4. After that add the Source again and point Wasabi Cloud NAS to the control folder in the new location.
  5. When prompted, select "Take no action".
  6. Resume Wasabi Cloud NAS service.

It is important to note that the procedure above would work ONLY when the control folder is moved within the same volume.

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