How to view Wasabi Bucket Logs using Log Tool?

This tool is helpful to view bucket logs in a more user-readable format and understand the action(s) performed against a bucket (refer to the article here for enabling bucket logging). These access log records can be used for audit purposes and contain details about the request, such as the request type, the resources specified in the request, and the time and date the request was processed.


1. Download the tool using the below link based on your OS flavor:

Mac OS:

Windows OS:

Linux OS:


2. Double-click and unzip the tool “ Wasabi-Bucket_logs_viewer-windows.rar/ Wasabi-Bucket_logs_viewer-linux-x64.rar” and you will find the content as below (the screenshot shown below is for Mac OS).



3. Once unzipped, double click on “Wasabi Bucket logs viewer” to open the tool.



4. Select the bucket log file(s) you want to analyze from your local system/ downloaded folder by clicking on the “Select file(s)” option.



5. Output: An example view is shown below


The above screenshot is the sample output when a log file is opened successfully. The name of the file is displayed next to the Select file(s) feature and the bucket name on the right top. The number of entries to be displayed on a single page can be chosen from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 100.


6. The search bar on the top can be used to filter based on Keywords for HTTP status codes, Request-URI, Request Id, Operation, etc.





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