How to verify the connectivity to all Wasabi endpoints using Wasabi Connectivity Tool?

This tool is helpful to verify the connectivity and SSL status to all Wasabi endpoints including services like Wasabi Console, IAM (Identity Access Management), and STS (Security Token Service).


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1. Extract the downloaded file, in this example, we are using the Microsoft Windows file “wasabi-Connectivity-tester-windows.rar” and you will find the application as shown below (the screenshot shown below is in reference to Windows)




2. Double click on “wasabi-Connectivity-tester” to open the tool and the results are shown below




Note that the application categorizes all the Wasabi storage regions broadly into three major regions North America, Europe, and APAC regions.


3. Customers can view/check if a particular endpoint is reachable or unreachable from their network, the round-trip time and SSL certificate details as below. 




4. A reload feature is available at the bottom of the tool, by default it automatically fetches the connectivity result every minute, but customers can verify whenever they choose to verify the results by clicking on "RELOAD" or selecting the specified time from the options available.





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