How do I use Nutanix with Wasabi?

Nutanix Cloud Platform delivers the performance, resilience, and scalability to power all workloads—virtualized, container-based, and bare metal in the cloud of your choice. 

To learn about how Nutanix can be integrated with Wasabi, please refer to the articles below:

  • How do I use Nutanix Files with Wasabi?
    Nutanix Files software-defined, scale-out file storage solution that provides a repository for unstructured data, such as home directories, user profiles, departmental shares, application logs, backups, and archives. Wasabi has been validated for use with Nutanix Files.
  • How do I use Nutanix Files and Milestone XProtect with Wasabi?
    Wasabi has partnered with Nutanix, and industry-leading VMS vendor Milestone to offer an integrated video surveillance storage solution. The solution provides scalability, redundancy, high availability with better throughput, and fault-tolerant Nutanix file storage for video surveillance data to archive and tier to Wasabi cloud storage at a lower cost. 
  • How do I use Nutanix Objects with Wasabi?
    Wasabi’s cloud storage has been validated to be used as a cloud-based object storage platform for Nutanix Objects using Cloud TieringNutanix Objects is a software-defined Object Store Service.
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