Why can't I see my Veeam backup files in Wasabi?

When one backs up data from Veeam onto Wasabi, the Veeam software stores this data in a proprietary format using the Veeam application algorithm, breaking up the data into parts/chunks and storing them in a specific directory structure. This data will not look the same as the data stored in your Local Backup Repository when browsed with a file explorer.

You can read more about how Veeam stores Capacity Tier data on their Knowledge Base - Veeam Capacity Extent Structure.

Caution: You should typically never have to directly interact with the Veeam backup data stored in your Wasabi bucket(s). Veeam application will handle all interactions with the data stored in your buckets associated with Veeam backup jobs. 

Example - Backup Data stored locally on the Veeam server:


Example - Backup Data stored in a Wasabi bucket:


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