How do I use Cloudback with Wasabi?

Wasabi has been validated for use with Cloudback. Cloudback is a fully-featured GitHub Backup Solution that supports various backup storages, including Wasabi. To use this product with Wasabi, please follow the instructions outlined below.


Table of Contents

1. Reference Architecture

2. Prerequisites

3. Configuration


Reference Architecture




  • A Cloudback account
  • An active Wasabi account


1. In the Cloudback Dashboard open the repository settings by clicking on the Settings icon.



2. Click the + New storage button, it will open the New storage dialog.



3. Enter a new storage name, and select Wasabi S3 Bucket: Access Keyas the storage provider.


4. Go to the Wasabi console and create a Wasabi Bucket by following the instruction Creating a Bucket

5. Go back to the Cloudback website and provide a valid Bucket Region as was selected during bucket creation on Wasabi:

    • To find Bucket ARN, open Bucket Settings in the Wasabi Console and navigate to the Policies tab
    • Copy and paste Bucket ARN into the Step 1 section of the New Storage dialog on the Cloudback website.Screen_Shot_2022-06-22_at_10.19.51_PM.png


6. Enter Access Key Id and Access Key Secret to the Step 2 section of the New Storage dialog, and then click the Test button.



7. Save your new storage by clicking the Save button

8. Now, click the Save Changes button to apply changes to your repository

9. Once the storage is created, you can use the Bulk Operations menu to assign a newly created storage to a large number of repositories with one click




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