What is WCSM and what does it do?

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager (WCSM) is a platform that serves the following use cases -

1. Wasabi Bucket to Bucket Replication

2. Third Party Cloud (or on-premise S3 Object stores) to Wasabi Migration

NEW! - For paid subscribers, WCSM is now accessible via Wasabi Console by clicking on the Bucket Replication option. Note - You have to be logged in as Root user.

Wasabi Bucket to Bucket Replication

Wasabi bucket to bucket replication is a bucket level replication of all data (existing and new). 

The source and destination bucket can be in the same Wasabi service region or different regions (within the same continent). For example, data replication from source bucket in US-East-1 to destination bucket in US-West-1.

Users of WCSM will need to login to the WCSM portal and configure replication jobs for their buckets in just a few clicks.

There is no cost associated with using the WCSM service for Wasabi bucket replication feature other than the cost associated with added storage consumption in the user’s Wasabi account.


Third Party Cloud (or on-premise S3 Object stores) to Wasabi Migration

WCSM can be used to migrate (copy) data out of third party cloud accounts and on-prem S3 Object stores like AWS, Azure, GCP, Backblaze, RStor and many more to Wasabi, with assistance from Wasabi Product Support.

Note: - All third party cloud to Wasabi Migration is a paid managed offering from Wasabi. The customer will only have to add their cloud credentials to the WCSM portal. The Wasabi Admin will then migrate the data from their cloud account to Wasabi based on information provided by the customer.

The migration service does have some charges associated with it. Majority of these charges are rendered to the cloud vendor where the data currently resides, as part of their egress fees. However, due to the way WCSM is architected, the customer will not incur any egress fees directly from the hyperscaler. The charges from Wasabi (less than $.05/GB) are typically much lower than the egress fees hyperscalers charge customers (up to $.09/GB), due to the presence of direct connect transport connections between Wasabi and the third party cloud vendors. 

If you are interested in signing up for WCSM Cloud Migration only, please contact your Sales Account representative or email sales@wasabi.com or file the WCSM questionnaire at https://info.wasabi.com/wcsm-questionnaire

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